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Weather Channel has article that agrees with us

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This article discusses how different religious groups have taken a stand for the environment because of their view of God as the Creator. I find it interesting that an AP writer is actually giving credence to the side of the issue that concerns me.


Swine Flu

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Thinking about the possible spread of Swine Flu has caused me to ask myself several questions. First off, is it really right to discriminate against people who are sick. At first, I think yes. For the greater good of society, we should confine those who may spread an epidemic. At the same time though, I understand it is wrongly limiting the life of a human being. That person has the same God-given rights as me, and should have the same freedoms. Perhaps a solution to this question would be for society to be able to confine the person for a pre-determined amount of time, but be required to provide for that person's needs, so as not to limit there inherit freedom.

Additionally, did God cause this (possible) epidemic? A good Calvinist would say "yes". I am more convinced that one of the results of sin entering the world (and in Genesis 3 the earth itself is cursed) is that there are bad things happening on the earth. So, this (possible) epidemic is just one of those bad things. At the same time God provides a way for humanity to get through circumstances like this. So, God probably hasn't caused this, but he is active in sustaining his people through it.

More thoughts later...



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It's official, I received a letter notifying me of my acceptance to the Ph.D. program at Southwestern Seminary. I am still awaiting the decision of the University of Bristol before I choose where to study, but it is nice to know that I will be continuing somewhere!

In other news, my family will be moving to our own house very soon. We have purchased our first home and look forward to putting our personal touch on it.


Obama and Geo-Engineering

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Obama's science advisor has stated publicly that he thinks the idea of geo-engineering is the way to hold off global warming (here). I find this idea interesting. I love technology. I love God's creation. But, I am unconvinced about global warming. I've yet to see any good data supporting real warming over any extended amount of time that doesn't mimic natural patterns in the past. If you are aware of this data please leave a link in the comment section!!

The basic idea that Obama's science advisor suggests is that we should use technology to stave off the radical global warming that "could be approaching" (his words in the article). Holdren's idea includes creating a device which would launch particles into the upper atmosphere much like a volcano. To be fair, it is widely accepted that a volcanic eruption was in large part the cause of the "Little Ice Age" (data here). However Holdren himself notes that the effects of such a device are unknown.

Anyone who has read even a little bit about Chaos theory (a good book here, and article here) knows that a complex system with many variables is basically impossible to predict. This is because the same patterns can be caused by different sets of variables. So, scientists really don't know what the effect of this device might be, but Holgren is ready to say that he thinks it is the best bet in the fight against what might be catastrophic global warming.

I would rather see our nation (and Christians in particular) embrace a lifestyle that uses the fewest resources possible, causing the least pollution possible, and only leaving a mark upon human culture, not a scar in the land.


Recycling as an Act of Worship: An Argument from the Old Testament

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I recently presented a paper with this title at the Southwest Regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. The paper was well-received, though I would have wished for more input (don't we all!).

The basic argument of the paper proceeds like this:
1. Worship in the Bible is defined as fulfilling God's commands.
2. One of God's commands is to care for his creation.
3. Creation Care is an act of Worship.
4. Qualifications for what makes an act of service (e.g. creation care) an act of worship.
5. Recycling is an act of Creation Care.
6. Recycling is an act of Worship, and conclusions...

You can read the paper at:


New look and feel

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The blog has received some much needed attention. I am slowly learning the ways of html, and will be adjusting this site to where all the links work - eventually. I'm also in the middle of house-hunting here in TX. Things will be hectic for a while, but I will definitely be posting!!